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Why Choose Our Stucco Fix? We love stucco; we live with it every day of our lives. But while we’ve enjoyed its smooth and pleasing texture, we’ve also learned to love its tendency to absorb moisture, thus resulting in dampness and even damage. It’s a wonder any homeowner gets through the entire winter without a few unsightly and costly cracks. We’ve taken a page from their book and created the ultimate stucco repair guide for you!

We begin our stucco repair services with a brief history lesson. How did our ancestors treat their stucco? They used it to create stone masonry walls and buildings. Some even found they could use the resins to build structures that would outlast even the most substantial buildings in their towns and villages. The possibilities are endless, really, but we’ll start with how they used it to fix minor problems.

Simple issues go awry at the most inopportune times: the first time you use water to clean the last cobwebs off your wall or to mist a flower bed, the stucco starts to expand and contract, causing a bumpy surface that’s hard to work with but impossible to ignore. And even the strongest stucco isn’t immune to stucco damage. A heavy object dropped on a stucco wall can cause significant problems that will require professional intervention. Don’t even try it. Even if you’re using an adobe coating to repair a minor blemish, use a pad under the chemical to prevent further harm.

Now, we turn to the more severe stucco repairs, such as cracking. This is a job best left to professional stucco repair services. While it’s possible to use a mallet or a hammer to chip away at mild stucco, most of us don’t want to go that far, and we certainly don’t have the time.

Avoid Stucco Disaster By Hiring Our Professional Stucco Repair!

When you hire our professional repair services, we are better equipped to handle this job, but why not just use some sandpaper to chip away at the problem? That’s what professional repair services are there for-they know how to handle difficult situations. Plus, your home probably doesn’t need another layer of cement sanding when the rest of the stucco has been treated to avoid stucco disaster. And when you’re done, you don’t have to worry about having to patch a hole or repaint a corner. You can leave the whole thing.

Most homeowners don’t realize just how vital having stucco in their homes is. It keeps them dry, keeps out dampness, keeps mold from growing, and keeps damage from occurring. If you have a problem, call a stucco repair service right away. Please don’t wait until it’s worse. The sooner you address a stucco problem, the more likely it will be to fix. And the sooner you set it, the more likely it is that you won’t have to replace the stucco in your home.

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