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Whether it be damage from wind, hail, or excessive snowfall, almost all exterior, stucco surfaces will eventually need a touch-up. If you live in the Auburn area, our specialists can assist you every step of the way from the initial site survey to the final touch-up. We have even helped our clients design their new homes, complete with exterior stucco repair, right on our own website. One common problem for exterior stucco repair is cracking caused by water damage. This is often visible around the exterior walls where water has been leaking. Cracks will generally appear in the center of the wall, as water continues to escape and will eventually spread across the entire surface. Cracks can also be found in areas where siding has been cracked due to hail or heavy rain. Typically, these areas will not require repair as they are easily repairable and water damage is not prevalent. However, if your siding has suffered some type of damage and/or crack, our professionals can help.

Aside from water penetration, exterior stucco repair in Auburn, Washington can also take care of appearance issues caused by cracks in the siding. Curb appeal refers to how a home looks and is aesthetically appealing. As the name implies, all stucco exteriors are made with a decorative application that prevents the building material from deteriorating but allows it to appear attractive. In most cases, the application of siding is limited to the areas directly surrounding the house. For example, the borders of the porch would be a great candidate for stucco, whereas the entire exterior walls would need to be covered with a stucco exterior. Exterior stucco has a highly durable finish that makes it one of the best building materials available. When properly applied and maintained, exterior stucco repairs and re-sealing will not only provide you with a durable finish but also a beautiful home that will last for years. If you live on the outside of the building, and you suffer from exposure to inclement weather, our experienced siding and exterior stucco repair professionals can offer an effective, low-cost, repair solution. In most cases, if the problem is caught early, we can have the job done within a day.

The first step to take when you discover cracks in your exterior, stucco repair, or re-sealing work is to assess the severity of the damage. If there are just a few small holes or small cracks, you may be able to repair the damage yourself. However, larger holes, cracks, and breaches may require the assistance of our siding and exterior stucco repair professionals. We can determine the integrity of the damaged stucco exteriors by carefully examining the base coat samples. Using this type of analysis will allow our expert siding and exterior stucco repair technicians to determine if the base coat has been damaged if the surface has been compromised, or if the siding has begun to crack. It’s important to remember that the right siding and exterior stucco repair contractors will be able to give you the most aesthetic value for your money. In addition, you want to be confident that the work we do on your house will be durable and look beautiful for years to come. With many professional exterior, stucco repair contractors around, you are certain to find someone who is skilled and talented. In fact, we often recommend hiring an exterior stucco repair specialist because the work they do is guaranteed to last for years.

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