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For relatively simple repairs, such as replacing a single crack, one needs to get the right tools and supplies. An assortment of woodworking tools including chisels, wedges and grinders is necessary. For more complicated repairs, such as repairing large holes, one might need the use of a full-fledged stucco crack repair machine. In any case, prior to starting any stucco crack repair project, one should ensure that all caulk solutions and coatings have been properly installed and tried out. This is because if the crack or hole goes beyond a certain length, for example around a window, the old coatings will simply have to be replaced.

One might also want to consider using sealant as part of the repair process, especially on hairline cracks which are difficult to reach and have lots of caulk. If one is looking to seal hairline cracks with a sealant, one should use a thick sealant and do not allow it to dry out. Instead, allow it to stay in an open area until it dries out. Sometimes, despite all the precautions, repairing minor stucco cracking issues can still become quite difficult, especially around sharp edges. For this, one might want to consider using a mild pumice stone that can be used to smoothen out rough spots. After smoothing out the areas, a caulk spray can be used to finish off the job. However, caution must be taken when spraying the caulk because it could damage the wall if it comes in contact with a sharp edge. If the damage occurs near a window, one can use exterior caulk to fill up the space in order to avoid future cracking issues.

If there is any damage beyond the scope of repair stucco cracks by using repair kits available from most stucco crack repair in Auburn, Washington, then the whole thing has to be scrapped and replaced. Most contractors recommend not using water based cleaners on damaged walls as it could eventually cause more harm. The best way to protect the wall is to avoid exposing it to moisture. This is because molds and bacteria could grow in such moist conditions and cause much damage. One also has to take care of moldy stains as soon as possible so they do not spread to other parts of the house. If all else fails and the damage is too big for any previous stucco crack repair techniques to handle, then one can consider hiring a qualified contractor to undertake the job. Some contractors might offer stucco crack repair services at discounted prices but make sure that they really are capable of repairing the damages. It is better to ask around for referrals before making a decision because getting a cheap service might turn out to be bad for you in the long run. Always go for experienced and reputed contractors so as to ensure quality work at a fair price.

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