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If you have noticed a large crack or hole in your home then you need to contact a stucco repair contractor to take care of the problem. One of the most common reasons why stucco fails after sitting for a long period of time is because it is not properly sealed. Sealing your home will help it from becoming a haven for mold and mildew which can start a fire hazard. Stucco buildings must also be properly maintained in order to stay in good condition. Not sealing properly will allow moisture to get inside the walls and cause them to expand and contract causing cracks and leaks. The first step to stucco repair involves finding where the crack is and then finding a new tab or layer. In larger cracks it may be necessary to replace the entire piece while smaller cracks can usually be solved by placing a new tab or layer.

For large holes a stucco repair contractor may suggest that you build a new foundation to support the new stucco. A new tab can be created by placing a new piece of wood directly over the original foundation. Hairline cracks are another common problem that stucco repair in Auburn, Washington are trained to handle. In these types of cracks, the stucco begins to crack just below the surface of the wall and travels up the wall until it reaches the edge of the roof. There are two types of damage that can occur with this type of stucco repair, either a small puddle of water or complete damage to the wall. Small puddles of water damage is easy to repair by using a damp rag and some wood putty. If you have complete damage to the wall, a professional stucco repair contractor may recommend that you repair the wall by replacing the original plaster with gypsum plaster or even by installing drywall.

If your stucco repair only includes minor stucco damage such as small holes or broken capstan, then you most likely do not need a full replacement. Often times minor repairs can be fixed with some filler cement and some sanding. You will still want to make sure that the area is completely dry before replacing any of the drywall or gypsum board. If you choose to use drywall then you should also consider having the drywall installed by a professional. This will ensure that there are no mistakes or defects and that the drywall will properly fit the area that you have repaired. Stucco is an excellent building material that is used for many different projects around the home. If you have stucco floors in your home then you should take care of any stucco damage that occurs because this damage often looks like loose ends. If you do not fix these loose ends then they will often continue to get loose and look like real weak points in the wall.

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