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The reason synthetic stucco repair is attractive to many builders and home owners is the ease with which it can be applied. Repairing damaged areas of your home without replacing the entire thing can be done quite economically. Repair prices are usually charged based on the square footage of the affected property, either on a standard basis or an hourly rate. If major problems like water leakage or structural damage are found during an inspection, repair prices can range significantly from $60 to over $ 120 per square foot, depending on the severity of the problem. With synthetic stucco repair in Auburn, Washington, damaged areas of your home do not need to be torn down and replaced. Instead, they can simply be repaired and reinstalled over the top layer of the existing siding. Synthetic stucco is applied over the top of the old siding, and then a waterproof coating is applied to protect the new surface.

The repair process seals the pores of the siding and prevents future moisture from leaking into the home. For many homeowners, this type of repair is less expensive than replacing the entire structure and paying for a fresh coat of paint. Many home owners question the longevity of synthetic stucco repair. After all, isn’t normal wear and tear a part of building life? Not necessarily. Just because the siding is treated, doesn’t mean that it is indestructible. Normal wear and tear are simply a part of life that every house experience. However, if your house is completely devoid of any visible signs of water damage, then mildew and mold may be building up inside instead of being eliminated by normal wear and tear. By incorporating stucco ceiling in your repair job, you can ensure that the cement is sealed and protected from moisture damage.

Additionally, your home’s exterior will be protected from future water damage problems, as well. Since your house will no longer be subject to rotting, warping, and cracking, there is less opportunity for future deterioration. Synthetic stucco repair is much more affordable than traditional repair techniques, such as painting and repair shingles. If you have small cracks or holes, you can fill them with this type of repair material without having to replace the entire damaged surface. In fact, this repair can often be done on a day-to-day basis while your house is closed up for the winter. This allows you to continue living in your home and covering up small cracks and holes with a new layer of sealant. It also provides you with an extra layer of protection should water begin to leak into your house again.

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